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4 Advantages of the Latest Samsung Galaxy A Series 2019

Latest Samsung A Series specifications and prices
Samsung A Series

The latest Samsung Galaxy A Series A looks cool with a special design for users to appear more LIVE, more exciting.

Talking about this latest Samsung A Series cellphone there are several advantages that are contained in it. What are they? Check out the 4 advantages of the latest 2019 Samsung Galaxy A Series. Maybe you like: Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ & S10e, Price and Specifications.

Ultra Wide Camera

The latest 2019 Samsung A Series has 5 variants namely A50, A30, A20 and A10. For the A50 version equipped with Triple Camera, A30 and A20 equipped with Dual Camera. However, on the third camera this series are both equipped with superior features, namely Ultra Wide Camera. Where if the Ultra Wide Camera feature is activated then the camera of the cellphone will be able to take wider pictures than ordinary cameras.

On-Screen Fingerprint

For Samsung A50 and A30, each has a superior fingerprint feature. The difference between the two is only the different fingerprint features, where On-fingerprint is only available on the A50 version and the rear fingerprint is on the A30.

Baterry for all day

The third advantage of the Samsung A Series is that it has a large size battery with a 4000mAh battery capacity. With a large battery capacity, the Samsung Galaxy A Series is supposed to be able to be used all day plus the Fast Charging feature that saves it inside. Unfortunately, the Fast Charging 15w feature is only available in the A50, A30, and A20 series while the A10 series does not feature this one.

Bixby Technology

Another advantage of Samsung Galaxy A Series is the existence of Bixby Technology feature where this feature is useful to help find various visual information, translate text, schedule reminders, and help access various applications and content. Unfortunately the Bixby Technology feature still has drawbacks where this feature can only be used in certain applications and conditions and can only be used using internet access. In addition, the Bixby Technology feature is also only available in the A50 and A30 series.

That’s the 4 Advantages of the Latest 2019 Samsung Galaxy A Series. Hopefully useful!

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