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7 Edit Video Vlog Applications that are Suitable for Beginners


This time TechTrends wants to develop information about applications that are good enough for beginner vloggers, who want to start their careers on social media, Instagram or even YouTube. Seeing the current situation, so many people are competing to become famous by using the internet. Well, even artists have started competing to get 1st place on youtube, or trying to subscribe to them to be more and more. Vlogs mediate them to get it.

7 Edit Video Vlog Applications that are Suitable for Beginners

Currently, the development of cellphones has also been very supportive for video editing to be included on the internet. We know that there are many old cellphones, or new ones that support this. Well on this issue, I think you also have a cellphone that supports vlogging with Wow quality cameras. However, the problem is, currently there are so many video editing applications available in the PlayStore. In fact, there are hundreds, and some of them are of course very difficult to use. Well, for beginners there are several applications that are suitable for editing videos or video blogs. The following 7 vlog video editing applications are suitable for beginners.


Not only on PC, filmora is also famous for being used on Android. With the mobile version, filmoraGo managed to lure many young vloggers to use this application. What’s more, you can get this filmoraGo for free on the PlayStore. This application is equipped with a fairly complete edit feature that can be used. This application also allows you to create slide images with background sound, cut videos, combine videos, even you can add effects to the videos you make. Well, you can edit it according to your imagination. If interested, just go to Playstore.

Download FilmoraGo


KineMaster is one of the android video editing applications that I like. Besides having an easy to use display, KineMaster also has very complete features. KineMaster allows you to import various types of videos, because this application supports the multitrack timeline. In addition, the features of KineMaster are also very similar to FIlmoraGo, moreover you can also improve the quality of your videos in this application. Unfortunately this application is paid, at a price of 5 $ / month. this application is highly recommended for those who already have income.

Download KineMaster


For those who are looking for a free android video editor, I don’t think it would hurt to try the Viva video application. Yaps. This video editing application is available free on the PlayStore. In this application, you can easily edit videos such as cutting, giving effects, text, filters, slowing down, or speeding up videos, giving titles. Besides that you can also easily import the videos that you have made. Try to become a vlogger using this application.

Download Viva Video


Adobe applications are already very well known, even in the field of editing on a PC, this application really becomes something that should be taken into account to use. There is no doubt that many professionals use this application. Adobe premiere clip is an application commonly used to edit video vlog results, or other on your android / smartphone. Well, this application allows you to easily edit videos to be more quality easily and quickly. Various tools have been included in this application, such as effects, and others that you can easily use. In addition, this application also allows you to make videos based on your photos. Many benefits that you can learn from this application, besides that this application is still distributed free.

Download Adobe Premiere Clip


From various kinds of video editing applications on android, VideoShow goes to one of the recommended applications. Well, besides its easy use, this application is also available free for android users. VideoShow has many features, and tools help you improve the quality of the videos you make. Just like the others, this application is also equipped with features such as receiving, text, effects, accessing, and video cutting. You can make your video better depending on your quality in improving the video using this application.

Download VideoShow


AndroVid is one of the video editing applications on Android that is quite practical to use, especially for beginners. The features provided are quite a lot in this application. In this application, you can easily cut, trim, or even save parts of videos that you don’t like. Features such as text enhancers, effects, frames and more are also available in this application. The more you can also extend and speed up the videos that you have. The flagship application can also choose a frame from the video which of course will ask first after you enter the video in this application.

Download AndroidVid


I am pretty sure that you have often heard of this application, or even used it before. Yes, Magisto is one application that we recommend installing a video blog to make it look better, and better quality. You can get Magisto for free in the PlayStore. In this application, you can change your videos easily. In this application, there are 3 steps that need to be done, namely choosing a video, or photo, then selecting the soundtrack, then giving the title. Well, this application is easy to use and more simple because it directs users to edit in 3 glasses.

Download Magisto

All applications that we recommend are video editing applications that we think are best on Android. Many people, and even YouTube, also use this application to change their videos easily and quickly. Remember, the quality of the video, and the edits depends on you and editing the video. Make your vlog video better with one of the applications we mentioned above. Hopefully this information is useful for you.

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