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Apple Launches the add-on for the iPhone Home button X


iPhone XIn contrast to other Apple-owned smartphones, iPhone X come with a very wide screen until there is no room to put the home button on the front. So, inevitably Apple should remove the home button that doubles as a Touch ID. To replace the technology, Apple presents the features of the Face ID that can unlock your smartphone just by looking at it.

In addition, the loss of the home button on the iPhone also make Apple introduces new navigation with the swipe of a finger for multitasking, adjust settings, and access all the stuff that usually is often done using a physical home button.

Well, if you are iPhone owners who’ve been accustomed X uses conventional physical home button and would like to add the home button on the iPhone X you, there is good news that more recently Apple has announced the home button Add-on. Additional home button is integrated with the ID that allows you to Touch in unlocking using fingerprints if you don’t like using Face ID.add-on home buton iPhone X

The home button is made from polycarbonate and has a size similar to the iPod Shuffle 4th gen. The home button also has a special lightning and port audio jack 3.5 mm. So, when the home button is plugged into Your iPhone X, a benefit not only to bring back physical home button and Touch ID, but also a 3.5 mm audio jack. The multiple gesture touchpad can also function like a long press to activate your Siri and press twice to multitasking.

It should be noted that this additional home button is only compatible with iOS 11.3 and for the price, this button for sale for $69.99. As for its availability, Apple sold it at the Apple Store starting May 2018.

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