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10 Best Android Video Editor Apps: Free Download


Although there are tons of video editing software available for PC, Video Editor Apps for Android is also not inferior. You can easily download it for free on the Play Store.

These applications offer a variety of features to help you edit videos easily and practically. The resulting video is no less cool with a professional YouTuber. Reporting from Fossbytes, here are 10 of the best Android Video Editor Apps for 2020 that can be downloaded for free through the Play Store.

10 Best Android Video Editor Apps Of 2020

  1. FilmoraGo
  2. Adobe Premiere Clip
  3. VideoShow
  4. PowerDirector
  5. KineMaster
  6. Quik
  7. VivaVideo
  8. Funimate
  9. Magisto
  10. Movie Maker

Best Android Video Editor Apps

1. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is an Android video editor app that is loved by many users. This application is easy to use. Videos that have been edited can be directly uploaded to any social network, or you can save your mobile gallery.

Its features include trimming, cutting, adding themes, music and more. The available options also vary, ranging from 1: 1 ratio, 16: 9 ratio, inverted video, addition of transitions, slow motion, addition of text, and others.

In addition to the many features in it that are free, FilmoraGo also provides several additional features that you can buy.

Download FilmoraGo

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

This application allows you to edit every video directly from Android quickly. The best feature of this application is the ability to automatically create videos with whatever photos or clips you choose.

You can use features such as cutting, trimming, adding transitions, music, filters, effects, and more. This application is free to download and does not display any advertisements. You can also share the resulting video directly to social media. Download Adobe Premiere Clip

3. VideoShow

This application has no doubt. He has won many awards as one of the best video editing apps for Android available on the Play Store for free.

You can enhance your videos by adding text, effects, music, sound effects, and even direct dubbing. There are more than 50 themes available. The resulting video will not lose any quality and the duration is unlimited. You can also reduce video size by compressing it. Download VideoShow

4. PowerDirector Video Editor App, Best Video Maker

PowerDirector is a full-featured android video editor that is easy to use. You just need time to get used to using it. When you are an expert, you can create professional videos and effects in seconds.

PowerDirector provides more than 30 different effects and transition effects that you can add to video. You can even make green screen videos with this application. Take it easy, this application is equipped with video tutorials for all of its features. Download PowerDirector

5. KineMaster

KineMaster is an video editing tool with convenient features that are convenient for Android. You can easily import files from different media easily. An easy level of control and editing process can produce professional videos quickly. Download KineMaster

6. Quik – Free Video Editor & Clips

Quik comes with automatic video creation capabilities. You can cut videos, add effects, text, and can synchronize everything quickly with any music.

The finished video can be saved in 1080p or 720p, or you can even share it directly to social networking sites. Quik can be downloaded for free and does not display any advertisements. It deserves to be featured in this list of best Android video editor apps for its features and convenience. Download Quik

You can also edit photos in the Best Photo Editing Application.

7. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is designed to help you make professional-looking videos directly from Android. This is one of the best video editing apps for Android.

This application provides hundreds of effects from stickers and filters to animated clips and subtitles. VivaVideo also provides a slow motion feature. Cut and merge clips can also be done with this application. Download VivaVideo

8. Funimate: Video Editor & Clip

As the name implies, Funimate does help you turn videos into funny and fun. A normal video can easily be turned into a creative video. This is perfect for short videos that aim to entertain. Download Funimate

9. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

For those who do not have formal video editing experience, this application is suitable for you. Merging video clips, photos, music, text, effects and filters, can help you with practically producing extraordinary videos.

Magisto uses a sophisticated A.I that analyzes video and selects the most interesting fragments. This application can be downloaded for free. Download Magisto

10. Movie Maker Filmmaker

Another good video editor application worthy to be on this list of best video editing apps for Android is Movie Maker Filmmaker. This application is 100% free with an easy, intuitive video editing tool. Its features include live video effects, text animation effects, music slideshows, and so on. Overall, this application is useful for making short videos, but displays a lot of advertisements that can be annoying. Download Movie maker

That’s the 10 best Android Video Editing Apps for Android. Please download the application and edit your video. If you are familiar, the results are guaranteed to be no less cool with the vloggers!

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