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Best Photo Editing Software for PC – Free to Download


Hello Photographer, and TechTrends reader friends, don’t need to be confused choosing a photo editor for PC. Find the best photo editing software for pc, free download your choice on the list below. Get the best Picture editing software recommendation of 2020 for beginners and professional image designers on this post.

Here is a list of recommendations for the best free photo editing software in 2020 for PC / Laptop & Computer. Can be directly downloaded for free (and Paid).

The world of photography is increasingly growing. The development of photography now does not only depend on a photographer’s reliable ability to take photographs.

But also the editing ability. Even a photographer now also needs the help of a PC photo editing software to make the photos of his work more beautiful than the original photo.

After editing, photos can turn out to be far more amazing than the raw results.

Use your skills confidently to design awesome images even if you’re a beginner and become a professional designer with the help of the best photo editing software for PC (free download) on the list below.

This photo editing software for pc is not only used by professional photographers. Anyone can use it as a medium to enhance your photos.

Many people fall in love and are curious about editing matters because this process is very interesting. If you are interested in photo editing? Try the following application.

Ready to start editing your images like a pro? Here are the best free photo editor software you can use in 2020:

Best Photo Editing Software for PC Free Download

1. Adobe Photoshop

Best Photo Editing Software for PC Free Download

Photo editing? Everyone who hears about photo editing issues immediately thinks of “Photoshop”.

Yes, it is undeniable that Adobe’s creation software called Adobe Photoshop is the best photo editing software for PC. This software never loose associated with photo editing and professional image designers, unfortunately this software is not free.

The reason is because this application is well-known for having complete features for matters of editing images and photos.

Until now, Adobe has released many Photoshop series and the features here are also increasingly perfect.

So do not be surprised if many people always make Photoshop as their first choice for photo editing or making designs.

Speaking of features, maybe it can’t be mentioned one by one because Photoshop really has many features.

If you want to be a designer, you must master Photosop because photographers or professional designers always use Photoshop as their editing kitchen.

Are you interested in using Photopshop? With all the cool features offered, of course this software is not free.

You have to buy an official license or subscribe monthly to be able to use this cool software.

But you can still Download PhotoShop Free by taking a free trial package or a trial package first.

2. PaintShop Pro: Photo Editing Software

Best photo editing software for PC, Free to Download
Best photo editing software for PC, Free to Download

One large company that is also often cited for photo editing matters is Corel. Corel also has a special application to overcome the problem of photo editing, called PaintShop Pro.

Every year, PaintShop Pro is always making progress because it is constantly updated. In the world of photo editing, you can say PainShop Pro is a rival of Adobe’s Photoshop.

The ability of this software also cannot be underestimated. The editing features offered by this application are very diverse and complete.

Want to edit photos or create a design, leave it to this application, with one provision, you also need to be smart in doing editing.

Even this software is also equipped with effects and many interesting filters. You just choose what suits your taste.

Similar to Photoshop, this software has complete features and is used by professionals. Similar to Photoshop, this software has full features and is used by professionals. But, the Best Photo Editing Software for pc is not free, to use it you have to pay.

For the price itself, PaintShop Pro is arguably cheaper when compared to Photoshop.

And again, the alternative to Download PaintShop Pro Free is to try the trial package first.

3. Lightroom: Photo Editing Management

Best Photo Editing Software for PC Free Download

Photoshop is indeed valued quite expensive. It’s commensurate with the features offered.

However, if Photoshop is too expensive for you, Adobe still has another best photo editing software for pc.

You can use Lightroom, an Adobe product, as an alternative for your editing needs.

This software is not far behind Photoshop. Until now, Lightroom was often used as an alternative to Photoshop.

Initially, Lightroom is an software intended to process raw images (.RAW format) and also functions as a catalog.

I wonder what Adobe is thinking about making Lightroom an application that looks like Photoshop.

You can also download Lightroom for free by trying the trial package first. If deemed suitable, continue with the subscription.

4. PhotoScape: Free Photo Editing Software

Best Photo Editing Software for PC Free Download

This software already has a long enough age. Cool, until now this application still shows its existence as a video editing and photo editing software.

Unlike most other editing software, PhotoScape is very easy to use because it looks so simple. The features available are also quite complete.

If you are a beginner who is looking for the best photo editing software for PC free download and only requires basic photo editing features, PhotoScape may be enough for you. There are many simple photo editing features that are quite useful for beginners to use.

Among these are: viewer, editor, batch editor, page, combine, animated GIF, print, splitter, screen capture, color picker, rename, raw converter, paper print, and face search.

Do you think that this application is a paid application? Not. You can use PhotoScape for free without having to spend money.

However, if you want PhotoScape to continue to grow, you can make a donation as a form of support. You can download PhotoScape at the link.

5. Luminar: The Best Photo Editing Software

Are you still a beginner and looking for an editing software with lots of interesting filters? Try Luminar. You can find 45 interesting filters in Luminar.

Although this software has many filters, it does not mean it is only intended for ordinary people who do not really understand about photo editing.

There are still features for professionals that you can try on Luminar. This application is suitable for beginners to professionals even morning.

For beginners, you will be spoiled a lot by its automatic features such as improving color, lens distortion, tone, and chromatic.

Even more practical features are automatic correction. Interesting right? If you are interested, you can immediately visit the official website.

But, this software is a paid software photo editing for pc. For the features provided, it seems appropriate if this application is a paid application.

If you hesitate to buy the paid version, you can try the trial period provided by Luminar. Click here.

6. DxO Photolab

Best Photo Editing Software for PC Free Download

DxO, one of the application developers, provides a claim that DxO Photolab is a photo editing software designed by photographers.

This application provides flexibility and capable editing capabilities to overcome your photo editing needs.

Speaking of features, DxO Photolab clearly has the mainstay features that professional photographers need to create the perfect photo.

Judging from the features provided, it is certain that this application is a paid application. It is true. This software is a paid software.

To prove his ability, you can visit the official website and view the editing illustrations produced using DxO Photolab.

If with the paid version you still don’t believe it, you can also try the 30 day trial period given by DxO. Click here.

7. Affinity Photo: Image Editing Software

Best Photo Editing Software for PC Free Download

Are you looking for software on many platforms? Then you must try Affinity. This application is available for computers and also tablets.

Affinity is the best photo editing software for PC / laptop that is widely used by famous photographers and designers.

Sure enough Affinity is widely used, the features offered are very complete and all are very useful for interesting photo editing purposes.

For those of you who are still beginners in terms of photo editing, don’t worry. Affinity also provides tutorials on how to edit photos that are cool.

Even though you are a beginner, with Affinity which is actually used by professionals, you can still learn and be professional.

This application is also very suitable for beginners or even professionals. Affinity provides many editing products that you can look around first on its official website.


Best Photo Editing Software for PC Free Download

If you are a fan of free apps, don’t ever miss GIMP. GIMP is an open-source Computer photo editing software.

This software is also available on three commonly known operating systems, namely: Windows, Mac, and Linux. All of these operating systems can run GIMP properly and without the slightest obstacle.

Especially if you have high specifications. GIMP will definitely run very smoothly. GIMP has a very simple and easy to understand interface.

All editing features are placed in a place that is very easy to reach so that your editing process will run very fast without having to be confused opening one menu at a time.

Because it runs on many operating systems, the GIMP development team is very concerned about compatibility. GIMP is able to process files in many file types. Click here.

9. Pixlr: Photo Editor Online

Best Photo Editing Software for PC Free Download

Who doesn’t know Pixlr right now? Yes, Pixlr is one of the famous photo editing software. However, this application is more familiar on smartphones.

In fact, this application also provides a computer version. But, not an application that is installed on a computer, but using an alias browser online. The computer version of Pixlr is a website based software.

The features you get are definitely more than Pixlr’s on a smartphone. In this version, you will experience a photo editing experience with more relief because it uses a large screen.

One thing you need to pay attention to, Pixlr is still intended for simple editing business and not as complicated as professional editing software. This pixel is perfect if you want to do editing quickly.

You will still find interesting filters a la Pixlr smartphone in this version. To use it, you only need to open this Pixlr website.

10. PicturesToExe 9

Best Photo Editing Software for PC Free Download

This photo editing software is arguably something like GIMP. The intention is similar here are many features such as paid editing software. Mean?

Right, this application is one of the free photo editing software that you deserve to try as an editing software. If only just basic features, this software clearly has it in full.

You will also be presented with a curve feature that is very useful in the editing process. In addition, this software still provides many interesting features that can make your editing process done easily.

Intrigued by this software? You can immediately download this software on this official website.

That’s the list of top 10 best photo editing software for pc free download. Use your skills confidently to design awesome images even if you’re a beginner and become a professional designer with the help of the best photo editing software for PC (free download) on the list above.

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