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Functions and Ways to Get BP (Battle Points) in PUBG games


This time TechTrends wants to share articles about functions and how to get BP (Batle Points) in PUBG games. PUBG is a mobile game stands for Unknown BattleGround Player. PUBG game is a game that is Battle Royale genre. If you have ever played CS (Counter Strike) or COD (Call Of Duty) more or less like that is the PUBG game.

Did you know that currently the mobile version of PUBG is one of the most downloaded games in the PlayStore and is widely played on Mobile.

Okay, back to topic.

In this article TechTrends will explain information about the Function and How to Get BP (Battle Points) in the PUBG game. Maybe there are still many players who don’t know about BP and how is the system / how to get BP PUBG?

Let’s look at the function and how to get Battle Points (BP) in the PUBG Mobile game.

Functions and Ways to Get BP (Battle Points) in PUBG games
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What does BP (Battle Points) mean?
BP is a currency that can be used as a payment tool in PUBG games. BP is obtained after the player completes the match, mission and other targets.


Functions and Ways to Get BP (Battle Points) in PUBG games
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  1. BP can be used as exchange points to change the appearance of your favorite character (profile)
    To change / edit the appearance of your character profile, you can access it in “Reset Appearance”. To change the shape and style you want, each style has a different BP price.
  2. With BP you can get the soldier crate
    PUBG players can use BP to get the “soldier crate”. The items obtained from this crate are random. So the luck factor (LUCK) is also very influential. The price for using this crate increases more expensive every time you open the crate and will be reset every week.
  3. BP can also be used to change your gender in the game
    It’s like changing the appearance of a profile character. You can also change to the desired gender.


Functions and Ways to Get BP (Battle Points) in PUBG games
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  1. Complete missions and matches
    Indeed, every time you complete the mission you will get a number of BP. Especially if you get a winner chicken dinner winner and can kill many enemies, it will increase your BP income.
  2. Bonus from logging into the game every day
    Yes, every time you log into the game you will get a number of BP. Although it is small but it will be very useful in the future. This login bonus will be reset every 12 hours a day.
  3. Get BP from a friend
    You can get BP as a reward of 50 BP from your friends. You can also give BP rewards to your friends in the game. You can do this every day but it is limited to just a few times.
  4. Event Reward
    Sometimes there are events that give players BP 150 – 300 every time you get a Chicken Dinner.
  5. Through Mission
    Apart from the daily bonus and challenge, you can get BP from completing the Mission in the game.
  6. Connect Social Media
    You can get BP PUBG by connecting games with social media accounts that support PUBG games like Facebook, Twitter. Besides that, you can also connect to Google Play and Game Center. You will get BP with a decent amount of around 2000.

Well that’s the article information about the Function of BP in the Mobile pubg game. Hopefully this article can be your guide in the PUBG Mobile game. Please share this article to be more useful.

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