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History of The Full Android


complete history of androidIn today’s era, almost 99 out of 100 people choose to use android, the reason is simple, because android easy to use, the price is affordable and in terms of design that has many options. However, almost most Android users, have no idea about the history of the smartphone they use, for that this time we will summarize the complete about the journey and success stories behind the Android platform, for full information please refer to the below information.

The beginning of the formation of Android

Android. Inc was first established in October 2003 by Andy Rubin (founder of DANGER) and 3 friends, precisely in California of, Palo alto.

Android history

Android operating system initially is a system based on linux, until then google buy the platform and officially so belong to google.

Android Making Destination

Initially, the intent of making android is aimed at sophisticated operating systems for digital cameras, but because the marketing reach is not so great, the android system is shifting to a smart phone line that is more aware of the location and preferences of its users, to rival symbian and windows mobile (IphoneApple has not been created at that time).

The originator of Android

The founders of android itself is a person who has a lot of experience in the field, among others:

  1. Andy Rubin (founder of DANGER)
  2. Nick Sears (founder of Wildfire Communications. Inc.)
  3. Rich miner (former VP T-mobile)
  4. Crish white (head of WEB-TV design and development)

Although created by people who are experts in their respective fields, android. Inc is operating in secret, the news is spread only the news that the developer is making software that can be operated on mobile devices.

Still in the same year, Andy Rubin experienced financial problems until finally assisted by a close friend named Steve Herman, who lend money as much as $ 10,000 but refused the offer of shares in the company owned by Andy Rubin.

The android development

On August 17, 2005, Google acquired Android. Inc as the son of his company, the founders of android. Inc namely Andy Rubin, Nick Sears, Rich miner and Crish white continue to work for the company despite the acquisition by Google.

The first android system itself was officially released in 2007 which coincided with an alliance open handset company, a consortium of several hardware companies. As well as telecommunications that have a goal to advance the open standards of mobile devices. Android based phone itself was officially on sale first time in 2008 in cooperation with Taiwanese developer that is HTC, this smart phone named HTC dream which release in the United States on 22 October 2008.

On google, the team that is caught by the founder of Android. Inc is Andy Rubin started shaping a mobile device platform using the Linux kernel.

Since then, Android has started to update or update its operating system, among others, to fix bugs, add features, increase stability and update the look of previous versions, Name names taken for Android OS itself is taken alphabetically that leads to the name of the food desserts, such as donuts, nougat, and oreo.

that’s a review of us about the embryo of the establishment of android completely.

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