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How To Download YouTube Videos on Your Android Smartphone


Want to download Youtube videos on your cellphone or smartphone, but are confused how? This time Tech Trends will share how to download YouTube videos on a smartphone very easily.

Youtube is very well known for streaming video services, it can even be said to be more popular than TV (television). Maybe it’s because they both provide free services.

Have you ever wanted to download Youtube videos on a smartphone? if you want to download youtube videos, let’s see how below.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Mobile Android

How To Download YouTube Videos
How To Download YouTube Videos

Why do you have to download youtube videos on Android, the reason is Tech Trends this time using the best video download application. You just need to follow a few steps that are quite easy to understand such as browsing or copy-pasting, after that you can immediately download Youtube videos to your heart’s content.

Here Tech Trends will guide you so you can know how to download youtube videos. So don’t worry anymore if you are still confused about how to use the best application for downloading videos. So let’s start the steps to download youtube videos on Android using the best downloaders, of course.

Steps to Download Youtube on Smartphone

Previously you had to first download the Android application, “VidMate-HD video downloader”. You can download it via the link below, directly directed to the Play store. If the VidMate application is installed, now open the application and then press the ‘Youtube’ icon after that continue to open the video as usual. If it’s unclear, pay attention to the picture to download youtube videos on your cellphone-1
Now if you have found the video you want to download, now select the icon ‘Download. Then continue to choose the quality and format of the video. If you have downloaded it to completion.

how to download youtube videos on your androidRemember! You can only use the above method for the Vimate application. But for those of you who want to continue using Youtube through the official application, here are the alternative ways.

Alternative ways to download Youtube videos via cellphone

If you have downloaded the VidMate application above, don’t delete it first. Because we will also use services from the VidMate application.

Open the official Youtube application, then start to open the video you want. If you have met, click on the ‘Share’ button and select ‘Copy Link’.

how to download youtube videos on your cellphone androidNow open the VidMate application that you installed earlier. Do ‘Paste’ in the box that is already available, then start downloading by clicking the ‘Download’ icon. to download youtube videos on your android

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