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How to Hide Files on Android


How to Hide Files on AndroidMany of us who store important files in file mobile us, the reason is to make it more easily accessed and edited at any time, there are files that are common, such as attachments work, important documents, etc., there are also files that are privacy or person, such as family photos, file backup results conversations with loved ones, or files that are more personal.

However, sometimes when we are working or are hanging out with friends, our mobile on loan, while the inside was our personal files and fear if the borrower opened it, either deliberately or inadvertently, of course we will feel ashamed. Not to mention when we are at home there is certainly only a brother/parents who oversees mobile use or while visiting the home of a brother, certainly there are only brothers would like to borrow the phone though, just rides, play game, open social media or whatever, and of course we worry when our personal data is not accidentally visible. Of course things like that very disturbing our thoughts.

To cope with things that are not in want like the above example, this time we will share a little tip and trick so that your personal files are not visible even in the gallery.
To find out how to complete, please check out the info below.

How to hide files in order not to appear in the Gallery
There are actually two kinds of ways to do this, below we will explain to you in detail all the ways how the first way: using the help of other applications
First, please download the application in advance of ES EXPLORER or another browser or X-PLORE, you can select one of the applications that you like.


Shortage of ES EXPLORER application is advertising that has always appeared when we turn on the data, but it was all worth it with easy navigation and the functionality of the application on this one.Whereas, in application of the X-plore, navigation can be harder than ES EXPLORER though not so much advertising, But if we have become accustomed to will also be felt easily.Please select one of the applications that you think fits your criteria. I myself prefer to use ES explorers because it’s already familiar.

After you download and install one of these applications, please go to the application, and then open the folder where you saved the file you want to hidePlease select or mark the files you want to hide, and then click the option for which there is usually in the top right corner of the three-point line or shape of threeThen please select the “hide files ” and finish and see the result in the gallery.The file you selected, and you move, will not appear again in the Gallery of your mobile phone.

The second way: create a file does not appear in the gallery without using other applications
First, please select the file that you want to hide via file manager or file manager, not through the gallery. To condense time, simply select many files by way of marking it.

How to place your next open internal storage and then move files that are already in the last selected folder to “android” > “data ” > select one of the folders that are there and remember the name of the folder and finishedPlease go back to your gallery and see the result, the file you have already moved last will not appear in the gallery.

There are many ways to make file does not appear in the Gallery, can be with the addition of other applications or by manual. But security is everything and the main one. Because it protects your personal information as possible, so you don’t worry when activity whenever and wherever.

That’s a bit of information for us to personal files stored on your mobile phone remains secure. If you have any feedback, please comment on the columns that are available, because your input means a lot to us. Good luck and Godspeed.

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