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How to Overcome the Mobile Legend Draft Pick Bug

draft pick mobile legend

How to Overcome the Mobile Legend Draft Pick Bug?Recently the world of legendary mobile gaming is busy with news of system errors, the Bug Draft Pick. Lots of legendary mobile players affected by this bug.
Even pro mobile legend players like JessNoLimit were also exposed to the Bug Draft Pick. Of course it upset the players and made the rank or star go down because of losing.

What is Bug Draft Pick? And what is the cause? The following is an explanation and cause of the legend mobile draft pick bug.

What Is a Draft Pick Bug?

A draft pick bug is a system error when doing draft picks or hero selection before competing in rank mode. For example when you play Mobile Legend and enter draft pick mode, you cannot select hero / lag.

The hero you choose will exchange automatically with the hero you did not choose. For example you have chosen the Gusion hero, then you will get another hero like Layla and so on.

Not only that, the Emblem and Build Item hero you have chosen will also be exchanged and even lost. So later if you have entered into game play, you do not use emblems.

It’s really bad right? For me the bug is very funny but frustrating.

Then what makes the bug happen? What is the cause of the bug?

Cause of Pick Draft Bug

The cause of the draft pick bug in the legendary mobile game is that someone on your team or enemy team chooses a hero by spamming or changing the hero quickly while he is picking a hero.

Well, usually players who switch hero quickly are nob players. Why nob? Because no intention to play. Just look at it, just in the draft pick, the pick hero is not sure or change, what else when you play, you will be very noble.

Okay continue, starting from there one of your team and the enemy team who are waiting for their turn to pick the hero immediately feel the lag and in the end there is a draft pick bug.

Another thing from the cause of this bug pick pick might be that your cellphone specifications are not high enough. But in some cases people say that high specification cellphones are exposed to the bug.

If it’s like that it’s difficult to fix it. If you are not looking for some tutorials to overcome the draft pick bug then surely your star will always go down because of defeat in the game.

First step

Therefore we must fix it. Then how to solve the draft legend mobile pick bug? Read the following in full.

The first way, you can use a low quality graphic.

You know, the graph will be dotted, right? Will the picture be unclear later? No, even if you use low quality graphics, the graphics still look good.

So don’t forget to use low quality graphics before playing. If you’ve already played then you can still change it in game play.

Then you can try clearing the legendary mobile game cache.

If the legendary mobile game application that you install on a cellphone is old, you have to regularly clean the cache every time you want to play it.

Stacking cache is not good for cellphones. What’s more if the game cache is piled up a lot, it certainly will create a lag that will interfere with playing.

Then you can use the Game Booster application to help speed up and lighten the performance of the application on your cellphone.

How come there are many booster game applications on Google Play Store that can be installed on your cellphone.

This booster game is very influential for games like mobile legend. In several experiments that I did, this booster game was able to accelerate the performance of the legendary mobile game.

Second way

For the second you can do it by deactivating internet data into airplane mode and then re-enabling internet data. Here you have to be really careful with the team or enemies who are picking heroes.

If the team or enemy picks heroes by changing quickly, there you must get ready to activate airplane mode.

But you must activate the airplane mode when the hero pick time is 5 seconds again. If you see the hero pick time of 5 seconds again, you immediately deactivate internet data into airplane mode and reactivate internet data again.

Why do you have to disable internet data? Because so you can reload the game when exposed to bugs. In that way the bugs that occur will disappear.

Well, that’s the way to overcome the Legend Mobile Draft Pick Bug. Please you can try it yourself.

The method above is not 100% successful, but at least can reduce the occurrence of the legend mobile draft pick bug.

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