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List of CPUs And Current Best GPUs


cpu and gpuLots of smart phones that compete in the world of technology by offering design, camera, application access speed, internet speed, interface display, and others. But behind all the accesses that exist in the interface, such as Amoled, IPS, TFT, and more, for more details of the error and many things I use to read THIS ARTICLE IS FIRST.

And for this kind of CPU and GPU are used on the phone is also affecting the performance and display images provided, the following we will explain the names of CPU and GPU following advantages and disadvantages.


What is a CPU?

CPU stands for Central Processor Unit or commonly called processor, CPU is the main unit contained in the Smart Phone because the CPU is the center or brain running applications from these smart devices. Here’s a list of CPU names.


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Qualcomm Snapdragon is one of the leading products and has experienced in releasing chipset with a very powerful processor and has been proven with leading vendors who use the name on the phone in the production.


Mediatek is a well-known manufacturer focused on the production of chipset with a large number of loads and affordable prices, many people are still reliable and many think that the processor cannot compete with Qualcomm Snapdragon, as long mediators’ mediation is near Qualcom’s ability.

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Here’s a list of the latest processors from mediatek.MT6735. SOC (system on chip) has a 64-bit t capability. And has been supported Quad Core processor and GPU from ARM. Supported LTE chip modem.


The Intel Atom processor has a powerful performance and qualified. And has a keungulan yarn that has a quad core advantage. This processor has been created on Lenovo k700 phones, Asus zenfone, and others.OMAPThe OMAP processor is a processor used from Texas instruments and is typically used by reliable smartphones like galaxy nexus, Harvey ascend P1 S, Archos tablet. The advantages of OMAP exist in the view of internet sites that use the site on a PC. The user interface is faster and power saving.


Artificial NVIDIA Tegra processor focuses on gaming gadgets. And it’s perfect for gaming players, NVIDIA and finding a very effective core number, for example, when we run heavy apps will run, and if we run a lightweight app then you will only run one core or just enough.


This processor is made from a famous brand that is currently still a king of gadgets in the country. These chipsets tend to be exclusive on premium mobile phones made in samsung. the ability of this processor is almost equivalent to Qualcom and can say good. Cpu exynos is also equipped with GPU MALI – 400 mp4 excess in multytasking and 3D games.


GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit, GPU acts as chip in android system, and CPU as the main device that process android graphics sytem. The first GPU series is GeForce 256 launched by Nvidia.

The android GPU function almost resembles the CPU on the computer, but the CPU is limited to only a few cores, but in the GPU contains thousands of cores, therefore GPU is very important. Especially if kalia want to use the 3D system on the phone that requires sharper image more powerful. Here’s a list of GPU names and their explanations.


  • Andreno

This gpu has several types, among them is
Andreno 130
Andreno 200
Andreno 205
Andreno 220
Andreno 225
Andreno 230
Andreno 302
Andreno 305
Andreno 320
Andreno 330.

  • Tegra

Gpu tegra was launched in 2008 for the ZUN HD median player, tough to have three types, among which are,
Tegra 2
Tegra 3
Tegra 4
Tegra K1
In 2010 and then, started in use on samsung tablets, tabs 10.1 and acer tab 200.

  • PowerVR

PowerVR is an artificial gpu of vidio logic. This gpu wrestle mobile processing. GPU type PowerVR is usually used on smartphones made by Apple such as Ipod and Iphone.

  • Mali

In 2005 GPU mali was used on 95% of smartphone in the world, and for the fastest series is MALI T-720, but unfortunately there are still very few phones that use the series.

  • Vidiocore Broadcome

Vidiocore Broadcome is a gpu that requires only low power to run it. This GPU type still uses DSP dual dimensional architecture in its application, making it more flexible and efficient.

Here is a list of the best GPUs from the trrahir sequence.

  • PowerVR SGX 544 MP4
  • ARM Mali T628
  • PowerVR G6200
  • Qualcomm Andreno 330
  • PowerVR G6430
  • ARM Mali T760
  • Qualcomm Andreno 420
  • PowerVR GX6450
  • NVIDIA GeForce Tegra K1
  • Qualcomm Andreno 430

From the above sequence is indeed Qualcomm Adreno is in first position, but the performance of the smartphone not only in the GPU, but from the processor and RAM embedded in the smartphone.
Core GPUs are not as powerful as Core CPUs that computers use, but many of them on GPUs can generate their own power. So some of the names of CPU and GPU along with its superiority, may be useful.

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