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Online Backup Data On Your Android Using This Way, Just In A Matter Of Seconds!


Have you ever experienced the loss of data on the mobile phone is lost, or because of a sudden phone broken? Now use the applications Back Up Phone can store the Android files Online.

Sometimes data in mobile phones are extremely important and must be preserved. But we do not know the bad luck can be approached at any time, such as a cell phone stolen and sudden death until the phones cannot live at all. When you are in need of existing data in the phone.

To prevent these things, then you can now route back up to store data in Android that are considered important. Now lots of how to back up data on Android. But you can apply the way Tech Trends give the following. Read also: How to Hide Files on Android.

Best Android Apps To Back Up Data Online (Phone Back Up)

Before undertaking the process of backing up certainly you should download and install this application on your Android Phone.

Donwload Apps Phone Back Up Online 9.3

Best Android backup app
Best Android backup app

How To Back Up The Online Android Cell Phone Using The Phone Back Up

How to back up the online android (1)

  • 1) The first step is to register your account on the application the Phone Back Up. Tech Trends suggest registering your account using Gmail so that makes it easy on the next steps later.
  • 2) Select menu BACK UP AND RESET to start backing up from Your Android Phone so that it can be accessed at any time.
  • 3) Next, activate Auto Back Up to be able to update the data always in Hhandphone Androidmu. And activate the Automatic Restore is also to discuss backing up application data from your Google account.

How to back up the online android [2]

  • 4) Next, go back to the main menu the Phone Back Up, and select menu View Your backed Up data to find out if Your Android Phone has been successfully backed up.
  • 5) Here you will be commanded to open ‘ Phone Back Up ‘ through the browser. Please select which browser you want to use to access the data online. In addition, you can also see the data you have backed up via PC/laptop.
  • 6) Please access Your data are already on back up online. Application Phone Back Up this data can store any data including SMS, WhatsApp, and Call Register.

That’s the way to Back Up data Online on Android phone by using the Phone Back Up applications. Easy, isn’t it? Well, now you don’t have to worry any more if the problem of the loss of data in mobile phones. How this helps you when misfortune befalls you. Don’t forget to share this way also to your friends, so that your services can help many people. Good luck!

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