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Several Types of Screen Protectors


screen protectorsIn an era of modernization as currently, the use of smartphones is very dominating, even in some countries the use of smartphones could not be inevitable, either for work, just communication, even measuring the economic status of a person.

Most of the circulating current smartphones already using a touch screen or touchscreen technology, but the technology is certainly very prone to be scratched, collisions, or even damage. Luckily, there is now technology that can prevent scratches, damage, collision, and some are resistant to water, thanks to the technology screen protector (protective screen).

Screen protectors (screen guard) itself were first designed and established by Herbert Schlegel in 1968 for use on the television screen.The first screen screen protector guard/touch mobile device market is after the emergence of the personal digital assistant (PDA). Because the PDA often operated via a stylus that can scratch the sensitive surface of the LCD screen.

Because of this discovery, finally news about screen protectors, so fast in the know a lot of people. This discovery quickly spread widely, and many in use on most mobile devices.One of the names of screen protector is the most popular current gorilla glass, the name of gorilla glass is certainly very familiar in your ears, as most people consider the gorilla glass as a screen protector or protectors for the best screen, but in fact all products have shortcomings and advantages of each.

Below I will explain the complete information about the screen protector, history, development, shortage, oversupply, and the type of the type of the this screen protector, let us refer to the complete information below.

Types of types of screen protectors

Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass Is the layer of the screen protector products in production by an American company that is manufacturing plant Layout, Corning Glass protector of this one alone exists in Harrodsbur, Kentucky, USA and in Shizouka, Japan. Gorilla glass is made from a material that is normally alkaline aluminosilikat in use on the LCD, Media players, laptops and Smartphones as well.

The initial creation of the gorilla glass was in 1960 with the glass at the combine with chemicals, glass Chemcor was the name in use at the time, because it has not yet found a proper use, Concord glass only in the production of as many as 100 pieces in use for pylomuth and barracuda race car dodge dart. And in 2006 the CEO of apple inc. asked corning to make glass that is thin and light, for use on iPhone releases first, until its release on the delay of six months. Since then the gorilla glass has begun to be known and many are interested in by 75% of smartphone devices in the world, because its design is very slim, that range between 0, 5 mm to 2, 0mm, current Gorilla Glass is already in use at more than 200 million moves in the world, and in use by 4.5 billion people at the moment.

Along its development, gorilla glass makes many new breakthroughs, such as the Gorilla glass, waterproof (screen protector water resistant) and Gorilla Glass Scratch Resistant (scratch resistant screen protectors), the goal of course is for the convenience of users like me, But not only that, there are still many more types of gorilla glass screen guard for more details on this, let us refer to the information below:

Type of type of gorilla glass

Gorilla Glass 1

The first release of screen protector gorilla glass has many advantages, such as its thin and lightweight, does it weigh up to sensitivity the sensitivity of the screen on the touch is not reduced, but does not affect the durability of the power of scratches and collision.

That need to be in the know of the gorilla glass 1 feature is the control and care of this type on the screen still had shortcomings, such as to break easily if banged hard or solid objects.Mobile phones that use a screen guard this type, of which there is Samsung Galaxy SII, LG Optimus S, L7, HTC Desire, and much more.

Gorilla Glass 2

The form of the development of gorilla glass 1 it still has the same resilience with the previous version, it’s just a little modification in its thickness is reduced by as much as 20% of the previous version, even Gorilla Glass 2 is capable of passing the test of buckling with load weighing 54 kg without damage. Screen Protector has been applied in mobile phones HTC ONE, Oppo Find 5, Motorola RAZR, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy I9300 SIII and others.

Gorilla Glass 3

Gorilla Glass screen Guard Type third generation is experiencing a very significant modification from the previous version, that is in the power of resilience and protection which is 3 times stronger than the 2nd generation case scratches, though, will be more look fine 40% from the previous version.

Of the trial results, Gorilla Glass 3 able to withstand the weight of 120 kg, whereas in a test of the curvature, the Gorilla glass 3 able to hold the Arch of 70 mm. glass-Even this one, will not be scratched even rub it with iron or rocks.

This type of screen protection many applications on smartphones like LG’S flagship level G4 and the Asus Zenfone 6, and also in use on the Windows Phone like Nokia Lumia 930.

Gorilla Glass 4

This type screen protector is the latest release from Corning Inc.,. a claim as the best care on the screen. Because the Gorilla Glass 4 has the resilience of 80% does not suffer damage in a fall from a height of 1 metre on a solid surface and rough.

The use of the Gorilla Glass 4 itself mainly in use on the latest Flagship series phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6, S6 + edge edge and many more.

Gorilla Glass 5

The existence of the Gorilla glass 5 is still a plan for Corning, Corning Inc.. Inc. itself would like to make a Gorilla Glass 5 as a successor of the Gorilla Glass 4.
The creation of the Gorilla Glass 5 caused by internal research performed by Corning. Inc. is stating that 85% of users dropped her cell phone at least 2 x a year from a distance of 1 meter, while the gorilla glass 4 only able to survive at a distance of 1 meter.

In the quotation from The Verge, an excess of Gorilla Glass protection level 5 is to reach 80% at the moment in the drop from a height of 1.6 metres (based on testing performed Corning).

Tyrex Glass

Tyrex Glass itself is a layer of extra screen protectors (Tempered Glass) a very thin but strong, the company’s production in Japan.The extended very much, perhaps even could be superior competitors from Gorilla Glass, the excess of which is Glass King Kong:

  • High transparency, namely made of glass in the chemical process, to make the display remains clear
  • Delicate touch: thin design which is only 0.3 mm, and do not interfere with the sensitivity of the screen
  • Perfect adhesion, that can be attached firmly on your screen 9 h Hardness surface (protects from scratches sharps)
  • Anti shatter film: -If a crash would converge, not fractions thereof was split where where, having been in the laminate.
  • Rounded borders: having a curved tip to not easily broken
  • Anti scratch
  • In the complete the Oleophobic
  • Anti oil
  • Anti fingerprint (formerly fingerprint)

Sapphire Glass

Shoppers can call the second strongest material in the world after the diamond. Shappire glass itself already many in use on mobile hosts Apple Inc. iPhone IE. in several generations. However, after comparison that appears no Glass Sapphire is stronger than a Gorilla Glass, screen protectors of this type started in left off.

Kingkong Glass

Kingkong specification glass similar to tyrex’s own glass, just that glass does not have Anti-kingkong-shatter (if fragmented, coalesce fractions thereof) of the film and Rounded borders (with the tip curving design)

Dragontail Glass

Products of Asahi Glass, this can be said as a screen protector that is very powerful, because with a thickness of only 1 mm, but able to withstand loads up to 60 kg.

Dragontail Glass in claims of 6 x better screen protectors standard grade most, based on the video demo, Asahi glass tested the resilience of Dragontail glass with scratches and collision on the drop. Even the Dragontail glass can pass the test of bending (test Barcelona 1-1) with a load of 60 kg and hammer blows without experiencing broken or cracked at all.

A mobile phone chooses Dragontail Glass as the patron of which there is a Sony Erricson Xperia Active, Xiaomi MI2, and Sony Xperia Z.

Rhino Shield Glass

In addition to type type Screen Guard above, there are still other screen protectors that are tough, that Rhino Shield Glass.

Different breathtaking concept used by Gorilla Glass or Glass Shapphire directly superimposed on the screen, the Rhino is a Glass screen protector very thin yet powerful to withstand a collision, scratches, water, oil, and fingerprints of users. I was so thin, even users rate while using Rhyno Shield Glass, looks like not using a screen protector.

In the video the demo done, Rhino glass can withstand the fierce storm of solid and hard objects such as knives, a hammer, nails, and iron balls.

Scratch Resistant Glass

True to its name, Scratch Resistent Glass is glass protective coating on the screen surface that protects the screen from scratches scratches are lightweight enough to help users to avoid scratches.

Mobile phones that use this type of protective layer of which is: Samsung Galaxy I9103 R, Sony Erricson Live With the Walkman, Sony Erricson Xperia Neo, XPeria and Sony Erricson X 10 Mini.

Oleophobic Coating

Maybe a few of you who know what is Oleophobic screen protector Coating.
Oleophobic Coating is a Screen Guard-shaped layers of screens located at the surface of the glass.

The advantage of this type of screen guard is on the immune be dirt and liquids, even the liquids and dirt originating from the fingers when touched.

Turtle Glass

The domination of Gorilla Glass screen protectors as the No. 1 world indeed indisputable, however, Samsung is reportedly already preparing screen protectors which would challenge the Corning. Inc. to compete in the market, namely Turtle glass. But it was only a plan. If there is no impediment, next year we could see, the samsung device using Turtle Glass.That’s the complete information concerning the protective coating of the screen that, can we pass on.If you have any feedback, please comment on the columns that are available.Many of us, may be useful and can add your insights.

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