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Technology, Definitions and Examples


Definition of technology

  1. a: the commonsense utilization of information particularly in a specific territory: ENGINEERING sense 2 
    // restorative innovation 
    b: an ability given by the down to earth use of learning 
    // a vehicle’s fuel-sparing innovation 
  2. : a way of achieving an assignment particularly utilizing specialized procedures, techniques or information new advancements for data stockpiling 
  3. : the specific parts of a specific field of undertaking 
    // instructive innovation

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Examples of technology in a Sentence

Individually, the pieces take off: a parachute, the stowed Martian inflatable—a Montgolfiere tourist type, named for the French siblings who spearheaded the innovation in 1782— and a sensor bundle with direction framework, radio transmitter, and camcorder. 

— Joe Pappalardo, Air and Space, June/July 2006 

Doubtlessly the business has been exposed to a lot of aggressive weight over the previous decade or somewhere in the vicinity, with guarantees of additional to come as the Internet and remote innovation change the manner in which Americans get news and data. 

— Wall Street Journal, 14 Mar. 2006 

The fast move in innovation in the course of the most recent 10 years has made an altogether new world where infections can recreate. While in 1989, infections were fundamentally spread by “sneakernet,” as clients strolled diskettes from machine to machine, present day infections … are fit for spreading far and wide in the flicker of a computerized eye. 

— Sarah Gordon, Information Security, November 1999 

… all innovation and vitality firing up for the best conflict of arms ever. 

— William Styron, This Quiet Dust And Other Writings (1953) 1982 

Ongoing advances in restorative innovation have spared endless lives. 

The organization is on the front line of innovation. 

The administration is creating imaginative advancements to improve the security of its warriors. 

How might we apply this new innovation to our regular day to day existences? 

The vehicle has the most recent in fuel-sparing innovation.

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