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Type of Mobile Phone Screen And its Understanding


smartphone screenThe screen is an object that can emit light with visual form. In an era of modernization as today, most smartphones already using the touch screen.

Technology touchscreen (touch screen) has been popular for several years, due to its popularity, almost all smartphones in the world today is largely used this technology.The touch screen is a very important element for a smartphone, due to its use as a substitute for the keyboard (on-screen keyboard) as well as analog and controllers in a variety of ways.

There are many types of a touchscreen that is in use on your smartphone. The developer man claims that smartphone that armed with his screen has its own advantages. Some sort under this screen in claims to have a better advantage than others.Here I will explain the notion of some sort of touch screen (touch screen) are popular among smartphones, there are LCD, TFT, IPS, OLED, AMOLED, LTPS, TRILUMINOS, GORILLA GLASS, SAPPHIRE, KINGKONG GLASS etc., in fact everything are simply frills frills to interested buyers.

To avoid misjudgments in assessing, let us refer to the complete info together below.

This type of screen type

LCD Screen

LCD stands for a word that is Liquid Crystal Display, invented by George Heilmeier in New Jersey, United States, and in polishing by James Fergason in 1969.

This technology is ideal for smartphones, because made of liquid crystal elements which in the tuck in between the panes of glass or transparent fabric media, this technology does not require a lot of power to operate. Another advantage of this type of screen is in direct sunlight, it looks it still is quite good because the entire look in light of the background fill.

Screen TFT LCD

The name of the TFT stands for Thin-film Transistor, a type of screen is still one of type LCD displays (liquid crystal display) flat, where each pixel in the control by one to four transistors. This technology is a provider of the best resolution of the technique of panel data.

The screen is often also called active-matrix LCD, because the technology is in use in this screen can produce images that are rich in color but expensive. In addition, this screen also has a sensitive surface will touch and type screen like this is also unsuitable for exact look like CAD, CAE and CAM.

The use of the TFT screen itself is very commonly found in class low-end Smartphones (the intermediate and under) and MID END (intermediate level), in addition to a relatively affordable price because, well because this type of screen is better than the LCD screen has now started to leave.

However, this type of screen takes up a hefty battery useful, besides lack of screen is on wide angle or viewing angle (angle of view) which is limited and can be more severe if conditions are outside the room.

IPS LCD Screen

The display IPS (in plane switching) still includes one form of development of TFT LCD screen, this technology was first developed by Japan’s largest company HITACHI in 1996 as a form of settlement of the problem of TN-matrix.

The advantage of this type of screen is very much than on previous generations, such as in a more realistic color, sharpness, consumer power is minimal, more accurate color appearance and consistently until the angle of 178 °, can process the signal with high speed without losing data because it uses copper wires resistance low, stylish Panel also are hard that withstand collisions with a certain size, as well as optimized viewing angles, up to this very type of screen suitable for film production, graphic design, photography, or something more exact like CAE, CAD or CAM techniques.

While the drawback of this type of screen, could not produce their own light, then this technology typically uses more space (thick) in the design, because it is in use for placement of background light (backlight), and because its production is expensive, this type of screen is usually sold at a price that is more expensive than other types of screens.

There are many types of screens are still a family of IPS screen, among them there are:

  • Super IPS
  • Advance Super IPS
  • IPS Provctus
  • Retina Display (IPS high resolution)
  • Horizontal IPS
  • Enchaced IPS.

OLED Screen

Technology Oled screen (Organic Light Emitting Diode) originally invented by one of the scientists at the Eastman Kodak Company, namely Dr. Ching w. Tang in 1979, screen type has carbon-based organic material layer between two layers in the cell the anode and cathode, sandwiched between the bottom plate and the top of the glass even reportedly, Chinese manufacturers will be producing smartphones anti burst brings old technology.

Old display technology is technology that is quite popular recently, especially on Smartphones and monitor old technology, the number of prominent could not escape from his excess, some advantages of old screen is the earnings picture is sharper, the response is faster, the brightness of the color cube height and a very light weight.


Amoled is a type of old screen technology that is usually in use on mobile VIP class, Name your own Amoled stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode.Amoled is the refinement of old technology, all features of the old (such as image sharpness, brightness, color design that is thin and lightweight) are all on the Amoled. The advantages of e-mailed old is on appeal in terms of the efficiency of the battery which is even better. This screen used to be in use in mobile phones nokia output of high-end class.


The super amoled screen is the successor of the amoled screen, can be said of this screen is amoled screen is already in perfect, originally used by samsung as they do the repair on the side of clarity and readability when writing the image exists in the under the Sun. But now, many other big brands which use this screen type, most of which exist in the smartphone high end class/VIP.


This technology is a refinement of the previous type, super amoled. And of course this series better, in terms of brightness and sharpness, as well as the more minimal power consumption.

LCD Screen S

The LCD screen is super screen that has no distance (air gap) between the screen elements with elements outside of the glass, the results screen will look fainter and looks closer and real in the eyes of the user.

This technology is also very efficient in terms of power consumption, another advantage of this technology is in the outdoors, the visibility remained good and stable, but not consume more power.


Tactile or haptic screen is a screen type much in use by blackberry and nokia for mobile phones-made them. This technology has advantages it can provide feedback from actions touch on the screen, which gives clear confirmation to the user.


The screen is a display of homemade triluminos one giant world, namely the Sony brand, a screen that uses the technique of compacting colour pixels, up to sharpness and color richness will grow. This is because a wider color range can be from this technology.

That’s the description in detail on the screen and also the understanding, use, history and its deficiency and excess.If you have any feedback, please comment on the columns that are available.Hopefully can add your insights.

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